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22 February 2011 @ 09:07 pm
002. Frequently Asked Questions  
Here is a brief list of questions that will be likely asked by most people. If you did not find the answer you were looking for, you're more than welcomed to comment here or email me at beirra(@)gmail(.)com or illumise93(@)hotmail(.)com~ :D ♥

01. Can I watch/join this community?

Of course you can, I love watchers and members! :)

 Can we affiliate our updates community?
Of course! I'll be more than happy~ ♥ You may drop me an email or comment on this post. :)

03. Can I donate buttons/layouts to your websites?

OMG, I love donations and absolutely will credit you and love you always! :D

04. Do you offer hosting? If you are, can you host me?

No. :( I am so sorry, I'm hosted myself.

05. How do I get in touch with you?
Just drop me an email via beirra(@)gmail(.)com or illumise93(@)hotmail(.)com~ I check both emails almost every day (unless I'm sick or away or busy that is).

06. Can you affiliate will my fanlisting/collective/domain/shrine?
Sure do~ Drop me an email to ask. And don't worry! I don't bite, I will glomp you. ♥

07. The domains you listed on your links out section is...?
The domains I admire and those wonderful webmasters/webmistress' that I wish to meet and befriend. If you find your domain there, you can link exchange me as well. Thanks! ♥

08. Can I take this and that from your site?

If you're inspired by the design of some of my sites, then it is fine with me. I'll be more than glad to have gave you some ideas and motivation. All I request is to not copy my whole design/css/html and try to put it more originality. Wouldn't you feel proud if you did so? :)

09. Can I be your friend/sibling?

I love making new friends! Just go ahead and pop me an email to say "Hi!" or add me on LiveJournal (hoenn) if you have an account there~ ♥ If I know you long ago, you can just treat me as your sister. :3

10. Can you make a design/some buttons for me?

I can do so for a friend if she asks me to, but I must see if I have the time and also... Inspiration! ♥
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