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24 February 2011 @ 08:46 am
003. A Revamp & Misc. Updates  
After a long hiatus last year, I've decided that it's high time to try design something new and revamp a few fanlistings. The Hotori Tadase's fanlisting was one of the fanlistings in the list that needed serious revamping because thanks to my major exams last year, I wasn't able to give that fanlisting the attention that it needed. ;o; I didn't even had the motivation to give it the sparkling layout it deserves (because Tadase is a sparkling and cute boy xD).

But now, things are different. Since I'm kinda having a break now, I've decided to try and get things up bit by bit and turn my fanlistings into decent-looking sites (at least to me; you know how indecisive I am with layouts! Dx) with simple yet elegant layouts and enough buttons/codes. Without further ado, here's Royal Prince, the fanlisting dedicated to the King's Chair of the Guardians of Seiyo Academy - Hotori Tadase! ♥

Royal Prince

Okay, on with the other miscellaneous stuff. Here's my Twitter updates account which would be used to post simple updates of my domain, collective and fanlistings. Do follow if you're interested! Thank you~ :3 And since I might be going to university/college soon, I won't have as much time as before to take care of my fanlistings so expect an adoptions post coming soon. I'll be continuing my efforts in revamping the fanlistings that I do not plan to adopt out so that I can leave for uni/college without any regrets, hehe~ x) Stay tuned for more updates, thank you! ♥
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